In June 2022, Jakarta Speedcubing 2022 featured a new category for participants: creating Rubik’s cube mosaics. Competitors were judged on their timing, planning, teamwork, and the tidiness of their designs. This addition added an exciting and creative aspect to the already exhilarating competition.

As an added bonus, Yongjun Indonesia sponsored an installation of 300 Rubik’s cube mosaics with rotating frames. This provided an opportunity for visitors to witness the intricacy and beauty of these mosaics up close. The support of MURI, Indonesia’s Museum of World Records, adds an extra layer of prestige to this exciting event.

The Rubik’s cube has long been a beloved puzzle game and cultural icon. It’s exciting to see how this competition and installation showcased the Rubik’s cube in a new and creative light. The visitors of the venue (Mall of Indonesia) came up close and admired the stunning display of mosaics sponsored by Yongjun Indonesia.