On January 21, 2023, we were fortunate to collaborate with Mr. Edward Suhadi, a creative director who had just published his first book titled “Mulai Mengerti”. As part of the collaboration, we created a mosaic installation made of 500 Rubik’s Cubes and conducted a workshop to teach participants how to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

The collaboration with Mr. Suhadi was a unique opportunity for us to showcase our artistic and educational abilities. The mosaic installation we created was a testament to our creativity and attention to detail. Each Rubik’s Cube was carefully placed to create a beautiful and intricate design that captured the essence of Mr. Suhadi’s book. The workshop we conducted was equally exciting, as we introduced participants to the Rubik’s Cube and taught them how to solve it. We were impressed with the enthusiasm and eagerness of the participants to learn, and it was a joy to witness their satisfaction as they successfully solved the puzzle.

Overall, the collaboration with Mr. Suhadi was a resounding success, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented and inspiring individual. The experience has inspired us to continue exploring creative avenues and finding new ways to educate and engage with our audience. We hope that our collaboration with Mr. Suhadi has left a lasting impression on the participants and the wider community, and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and create something truly unique and special.

Thanks to the supporting cubers:
– Yusuf Abdul Qohar (IG @yusabdul)
– Winda Wardani (IG @windawrdni)
– Phillip Maxwell (IG @max3bld)
– Nicholas Vigo Wardhana

  • Project Type: Rubik's Cube Mosaic Installation
  • Client: Edward Suhadi
  • Year: 2023