Djarum Black Innovation Award

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The Djarum Black Innovation Awards 2009 was a successful and lively event held at Cilandak Town Square on August 8th, 2009. The event showcased the works of the BIA finalists from 2007 to 2008 and featured outstanding performances. The winners were announced, and Arif Kurnianto won with his invention of Blind Gaple, Muhammad Rois Abidin won with the Bagcamp and Cankingz (a device to contain and bring durian into airplane cabin), Bharoto Yekti S.Ds won with the Templast Sampah, and Dika Gusti Nugraha won the People’s Choice Award with his innovative creation E.B.I.

Jakarta Rubik’s Cube Club (JRCC) played an important role in the Night Black Innovation Awards 2009, as they were invited to showcase the Rubik’s Cube and its relationship to innovation. The Rubik’s Cube, invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik, has become a symbol of innovation and creative problem solving.

The JRCC members demonstrated various techniques to solve the Rubik’s Cube and explained how they developed these methods through trial and error. They also showcased their own modifications and customizations to the Rubik’s Cube, which have led to faster solving times and improved functionality. By using the Rubik’s Cube as a tool for innovation, the JRCC inspired the audience to think outside the box and find new ways to solve problems. Their participation in the Night Black Innovation Awards highlighted the importance of creativity and innovation in our society, and how even a simple toy like the Rubik’s Cube can be used to drive innovation forward.

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